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Thule Bike Rack 

A Thule bike rack represents the highest quality in design and innovative engineering and that has made this company one of the most trusted names in the world of bike car racks.

The Thule bike rack has a long history of winning top awards and receiving the highest in customer satisfaction in bike racks for cars consistently for many years.

They are considered in the industry to be the leader for creativity and innovation.

A very helpful feature they have in their design is advanced anti-sway technologically.

This assures the bikes stay stable and prevents damage from rubbing against each other and the vehicle.

They are so certain of their craftsmanship at Thule that their car racks are backed by a lifetime warranty. They even manufacture, hard to find, racks that have a capacity of up to 5 bikes.

Their website is simple to navigate and they feature a car fit guide that is easy to use. This tool will help you determine what the best fit of car rack will be based on your car model and other factors.

A very popular Thule bike rack is the T2 Hitch Rack. A popular roof mount bike rack is the Thule Big Mouth Bike Rack.

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Thule T2 Rack 

The Thule T2 is a hitch mounted bicycle rack. Many cyclists like this type of design because it makes the back of their vehicle easier to access vs. trunk mounted tracks. As well, it frees up the roof of the car to carry other cargo or sporting equipment.

This Thule bike rack is very popular because it allows quick loading and off loading—in just seconds. It also accommodates a wide range of bicycles bikes regardless of frame design, suspension, *or* wheel size with the convenience of rear-mount access. Built sturdy, it can carry bikes from as light as 13 lbs. up to 45 lbs. or more.

It comes in two different versions as a two bike carrier that will work with either a two-inch or 1 ΒΌ receiver or as a four bike version which only works with a 2 inch receiver.

It grips bikes by the wheels—so scratching of the frame is greatly minimized vs. other bike carriers. The Thule T2 straps hold tight and are designed to fit a wide range of tire widths and rim depths. When not in use it folds up easily for minimal space storing.

For the road bike enthusiast or mountain biker, the Thule T2 is a versatile and quality carrier product.

Thule Big Mouth Bike Rack 

As far as roof carriers racks go, the Thule Big Mouth Bike Racks sets the industry standard for bike carrying and flexibility. If you want to transport your bike like the pros this is the way to go.

There is no need to remove the wheels of your bike with this carrier. It features rack level clamps which allow for easy loading. The cradles of the rack hold on to the bike wheels with a vice like grip and a clamp arm firmly secures the down tube. It will accommodate a tube size up to 3.13 inches in diameter.

Reinforcing the Thule reputation for quality, this bike rack comes with a life time warranty.

Here is Where You Will Find Top Rated Thule Bike Racks at Discounted Prices