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Yakima Bike Rack

When you think of mountain bikes the folks that make the Yakima bike rack want you to think of them first. Here is helpful information and where to buy the Yakima Bike Rack.

They are a company of outdoor enthusiasts and know that if cyclists are going to blaze those trails they have to get there first.

They have 25 plus years of making what they call “destination hardware.” And bike racks fall into that category. The Yakima bike rack, by company's own definition, is built very rugged, “bomber quality” as they say.

Yakima offers a huge selection of roof, hitch, trunk and truck racks designed to fit all needs and budgets.

They are very committed to their quality and claim that if there is ever anything wrong with one of their bike racks for cars they will make try to make it right.

Their website is the absolute best out there among all the major bike rack companies. It alone is a great reason to buy their high quality products. The Yakima bike rack website is interactive, fun and easy to use and features videos of all their bike rack products. These videos are very helpful and show how to attach the racks to your vehicle; they show the features of the racks; and show how to properly attach your bikes.

Here is Where You Will Find Top Rated Yakima Bike Racks Offered at Discounted Prices 

Top Yakima Bike Racks

Yakima has a very popular hitch bike rack with the version called “Swing Daddy”. This rack mounts to a hitch and can carry up to 4 bikes. But the best feature is its ability to completely swing out of the way to give you complete access to the rear of your vehicle. This is what they call their “SwingAway technology” for rear of vehicle allows access when fully loaded. Another cool feature is the “TriggerFinger” release which allows the rack arms enables arms to fold down when not in use. This works with 2 inch receivers only.

A slightly higher end version of the “Swing Daddy” is the “FlipSide”. This unique bike rack has a 90 degree tilting feature. This carrier will work with receivers of both 2 inch and 1 .25 inch sizes. It will hold up to 4 bikes. It does everything the Swing Daddy does and more. The 90 degree tilting capability is pretty nifty as it enables the rack to be completely moved out of the way from either left or right.

In the roof rack category one of the most popular Yakima bike racks is called “High Roller”. This is the premier roof rack the company makes. Customers use phrases like “built like a tank” and “built tough and “user friendly” when describing it. It allows you to fasten securely your bike in less than a minute. It is also designed so you do not need to remove the front wheel—to save more time and ease of use.

The paint on your bike won’t be scratched using this rack because it grabs on to the wheels instead of the frame. It fits most tires from those that are super skinny to the big thick 3 inchers. The “High Roller” will accept a wide range of wheel sizes from 20 inches to 29 inches in diameter.

Here is Where You Will Find Top Rated Yakima Bike Racks Offered at Discounted Prices